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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Scott had a break from school so we went to the most magical place on earth! we spent 2 full days at Disneyland! We had so much fun. We found a great deal on tickets on craigslist! (There's nothing that man doesn't have on that list of his.) So we drove to Anaheim on Wed. after work and checked in to our hotel. It was right down the road so Thurs. morning we hopped on the bus that took us to the Magical Kingdom. It was perfect weather! We went to a few rides in Disneyland, then went to California Adventure for a few hours which I'd never been to. Let me just say that the Hollywood Hotel- Tower of Terror ROCKS! It was probably my favorite. It was so nice knowing we had another whole day the next day! We never had to rush, we just took our time enjoying every part of the day. We explored every nook and cranny of that park! Did everyone know you can go in the castle?! well i didnt! until then. Scotts friend Ty said there is a hotel room inside of it somewhere. of course there is! Thats the beauty of Disneyland. They can do whatever they want! We stayed there the first day until it closed. The next day we were back! bright and early! Ready for round two! We got so lucky. Since we had fast passes, we never had to wait in line. Or we would go in the single's line and end up getting to sit by each other. We went on almost every single ride, or exhibit they had. Besides It's a small world. We were like 2 little kids runnin around chompin on our churro's, followin our little map, balloons tied to our wrists, micky mouse ears on..... no i'm jk, we didn't get balloons or mouse ears. It was such a fun two days! We were beat though!

I think the funniest part was on the 2nd day. I wanted to watch the parade, so we had a good seat on a bench. I went to get ice cream for us while Scott saved our spot. About 20 minutes later, on my way back I look up to see Scott still on the bench, but smooshed right next to him is this little round indian lady. i'm pretty sure they're arms were touching, they were so close. haha. They looked so cute together. I thought maybe he would have found us a new place to sit or something but nope. I whispered "Awe! who's your friend?" i wish so bad i would have gotten a picture of him sittin there by her. She was a good sport though.
The next day we attempted to go to the beach but it was freezing so we ended up going to an Anaheim Angels game at Angel's Stadium. It was fun! We have so much fun together.

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