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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Dear Scott,
Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for making me laugh.
Thank you for being so dumb.
Thank you for playing Settlers with me even though you pretend you don't want to.
Thank you for entertaining me every single second we're together.
Thank you for being easily amused, so you can laugh at me.
Thank you for letting me embarrass you in blockbuster Every Single time we're there.
Thank you for having the same sense of humor as me.
Thank you for dancing. I don't know how you move like you do.
Thank you for liking cereal as much as me
Thank you for being so smart.
Thank you for taking care of our little family.
Thank you for working so hard at school.
Thank you for letting me choose Costa Vida every other time we go out to eat.
Thank you for memorizing the Free Credit Songs with me.
Thank you for laughing with me.
Thank you for putting up with me.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for choosing me.
Thank you for the past 3 years.
Thank you for calling me Shelly. (not really, that's annoying)
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for taking me to do fun things.
I love you more than you know.

This is why I love you
(this is a small sample of my card today.. if you can read it)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scott and I have tried to stay busy. I am still working full time. I finally have started school. I am doing the interior design program at Mcc. I have absolutely Loved my first class which is Drafting. I feel like some of the basic things I have really been wanting to learn, we have touched base on in my class. I'm glad that is the one I started with. I'm also taking an online english class but thats not that intersting. I'm not a fan of online classes. They are way annoying but oh well.

Scott is doing good. Him and his friend Ty have their own landscaping business. It works out really good with his school schedule. He is able to take a full schedule. He is really excited to be getting closer to finishing. He's hoping he will be done in May, so less than a year!

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