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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last week my Boss went to Hawaii. Boss leaving town = Me not having to work. So sad I know. Not Really. I love manditory time off work. What made the week even better was that I got to enjoy the rain. It was so nice to get to be at home during the day in my warm Comfy clothes , just doin whatever I wanted. When your at work all day, you don't get to see the rain, or enjoy it. You just have to drive in it, get wet enough to be annoyed, then glance out a window every now and then and wonder if its still raining. I loved the rain. plus,,, Rain here = 10 ft of snow at Sunrise!!! Whoot! Whooot!

I had a very pleasant week.

It consisted of Lots of painting,

multiple trips to Home Depot,

Watching American Idol auditions,

Lots of Begging Scott to help me put the hardware on my hutch,


Learning how to use the nailgun,

Spending a whole day decorating cupcakes which was really addicting.

continuing Vampire Diaries and project Runway after driving through a Hurricane,

More begging Scott to help me put hardware on my hutch,

More Lost,

Smashing my pinky under a can at the Cannery and playin it off like it didn't want to throw the can across the room,

Standing there for a full hour trying to decide on what shade of paint to do my kitchen in. (not kidding a full hour. pathetic I know)

Making a very nice dinner 2 of the nights,

Getting Scott to help me put the hardware on my hutch! whoo hoo!!

Painting my kitchen, (no pictures yet)

Finishing my Hutch, (see it Here)

Hanging out with Friends and playing games,

Sleeping in on Sunday before church at 1 :30 which I absolutely Love! you heard me. I love the 1:30 time slot. Plus I had to enjoy my last day off.

For the first time after a long break, I didn't completely dread going back to work. I felt very very rewarded by the week I had. It seemed very long so I am grateful. I feel like I got to accomplish alot and relax. I had a wonderful week. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Two weeks ago Scott and I loaded up and went to Utah for a long weekend. We went Snowboarding at Brighton on Friday, then we went to Solitude on Saturday. It was alot of fun. The mountains were so pretty all covered in snow. We stayed with my grandparents in Provo and it was nice to get to visit with them. I enjoyed the really cold weather up there. It felt so Christmas-y there because of all the snow and the Christmas lights. It was a nice little Vacation.


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