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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ok, When I was getting married, I thought I would be graduating to an easier last name. You see, Ervien had that i e in there together that I guess threw people off. In fact, some people even felt the need to add a G on the end. Makes sense right?
Not really but...
I never thought that Clouse would be 10 times worse, but it is. Nobody in the history of my marriage has ever spelled it right, (besides family members). It's ok. I've come to accept it. And the jokes about being Shelbie Clause are down right hilarious every single time.
Welp. This is the best one yet. I love it. and it makes me laugh everytime I see it. This is the reciept Scott got home with after going and picking up the pizza at Barro's.


Brette said...

haha scott clouds. I guess it kind of is close to clouse? I never once thought i'd have any problems with Graham. I got my first verizon bill a couple months ago and it said "Brette Braham" so I called and changed it, then it came "Brette Fraham". Really? It's that hard huh? Anyway I hope everything at the cloud residents are going ok :) Let's all get together sometime soon.

Jill and Devon said...

haha. too funny.
I always had the same visions of marriage, easier last name. no more confusion. no more correcting people...nope! I get it just as bad now. If only people could read, we wouldn't have to run off and get married just to attempt a life where we don't get called the wrong thing, hehehe.


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