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Friday, September 10, 2010

This morning on my way to work, (Thursday) driving down Mckellips some guy smacked into me. It made a very loud crunch, as I felt his car bash into mine. All I could think was "I don't even care how bad it looks back there, all I know is that it's not my fault!"
(you would be thinking that too if you had my driving violation record.)
yes we were both ok. He was soaked with his coffee, and I had my slimfast all over my lap and steering wheel.
Judging by my pictures from my phone, I'd say that my car won.
His was pretty bashed. The funny part was when he was examining his car, he found deep scratches on the rims of the opposite side of the car that his girlfriend never told him about.
The moral of the story is, Don't go bashing your car into other peoples cars.
The end.



1 comment:

{emily} said...

Yours got slightly skimmed! Barely. The advantages to driving vehicles that are higher in the air. He probably burnt the crap out of his self with his coffee. And if only your slimfast was all over your face. I always think of when John Brinhall flipped his mom's excursion and James had his milkshake all over his face. Haha.


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